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This is an excerpt from my next book, being crafted with love and blood even as you read this!

There is an old story about a fisherman who believes he has died and gone to Heaven as he catches one perfect 2 lb trout after another.  As he sets his fly and hooks into yet one more, he can’t fathom his good fortune.  The sky is blue, the weather ideal, the fish biting like he’s never before experienced, and everything is absolutely perfect. Read More...

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New York Times best-selling author, humorist, and business owner Chris Brady has spent nearly 20 years teaching people about leadership and success, and now he has discovered a surprising fact that’s holding people back from reaching their full potential: The (Lost) Art of Vacation

Lasting behavioral change doesn't happen without a heart change.
Justification is the door through which character departs.
It's more important to be instructed than reminded.
It's hard to get a result that's bigger than your vision.
It would be interesting to know what I know now back when I didn't know it.
It is when we forget our selves that we do things worth remembering.
It is never a question of who is right, but rather of what is right.
It costs a lot more to live beyond our means that it used to!
In true friendships, trust is a must.
In order to be outstanding in your field, you cannot be in sitting on your couch.