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It's okay to want the best players for your team, but it's much better to get the right ones.
RT @CoachMotto: The best lead by example. – Woody Hayes
It's easy to buy and hard to sell. So consider your purchases well.
The #relationships in your life should be some of your most prized "possessions."
It is the rare life that is well lived.
RT @theRealKiyosaki: Your mind is not your friend. Your mind tells you why you can't. Your heart has your best interest. #richdad
Injustice we seem to handle; but the randomness of life seems to mess with us the most.
Practice, practice, #practice. Doing what you do makes you better at what you do. #purpose
Time to score a green box! #amilliongreenboxes #tlyaw
If you spend most of your time convincing people of your view, their view will be to spend most of their time away from you.

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